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Bundle 1 $75

Bundle 1 $75

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Yoni Wash: Our Yoni Wash can be paired with the Yoni Oil to create a powerful duo. The wash works to keep skin clean and healthy with purified water and organic aloe vera juice. Suitable for all skin types, aloe juice is sensitive enough not to irritate the skin but powerful enough to treat skin concerns with its potent vitamins and enzymes. A few wash pumps will leave you with a similar tingling feeling to the Yoni Oil and leave you feeling fresh and clean. 

"Club Secret: We use our Yoni Oil as the base for our Yoni Wash"

Yoni Oil: Our Yoni Oil has a high concentration of grapeseed oil for an even skin tone, tea tree oil for treating irritation and inflammation, and oregano oil for protecting cuts and breaks in the skin. Our Yoni oil also contains lavender, a known therapeutic agent and remedy for acne and other skin concerns.

Only a few drops of the Yoni Oil and its gentle tingling will work to balance your ph and moisturize your skin. 

"Club Secret: Your Yoni will love it"

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