The Great Wax Workshop is an opportunity to enter a billion-dollar industry while learning from professionals with more than ten years of experience. Learn how to perform a wax you can be proud of and gain the confidence you need to start and build your career. 

After a completed workshop experience, you'll be able to give your clientele a painless Brazilian wax and a soothing Vagacial. You'll enjoy creating a pleasant experience for your clientele as they trust you to take care of them and their Yoni. 

Our wax workshop offers invaluable information that can help you improve your skill on several levels, including:

  • learning to create the perfect strip
  • wax control
  • basic skin analysis.

The workshop includes/covers

  • a guided hands-on
  • a wax service kit
  • a training manual/reference guide, theory, and 
  • a live demonstration
  • proper sanitation
  • room etiquette 
  • marketing/branding.

As wax specialists, we understand the value of learning all about waxing and skincare. When clients entrust you with sensitive and intimate parts of their body, they deserve to be serviced by those who put their health and skincare first; this is the type of care we provide at our club. Great Wax Club is dedicated to helping new wax professionals learn so that clients everywhere are well cared for.