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    Bundle 1 $75

    Yoni Wash, Yoni Oil, and Yoni Cleanse

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    Yoni Oil, Yoni Wash, Vagiscrub, & Yoni Cleanse

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Name Your Struggle. Find Your Solution.


    Dryness + Irritation

    Shop soothing solutions for dry, tender, and sensitive intimate skin.

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    Ingrowns + Dark Spots

    Naturally treat and prevent ingrowns and dark sptots.

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    Razor Burn + Redness

    Banish razor burn and redness with skin-first formulas.

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    PH Imbalance + Odor

    Support natural pH balance and banish bad bacteria.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Yoni oil has been a blessing to my daily hygiene routine. My last parts have never been happier. I love the scent of the oil and how it keeps you fresh all day. Thank you Monifa for helping me make this a part of my yoni life, you are a scientist girl.

Ericka Deadwyler-Gourgue

This Yoni Wash was the best decision I’ve made from switching from HoneyPot to this! I was very skeptical from switching products, but when I tell you I feel completely good after using this wash!!!! It’s amazing. I don’t randomly feel uncomfortable anymore, I feel so fresh! 10/10 product, your body will definitely thank you!!


This Vsteam kit changed my life I use to suffer from really bad period cramps and now I steam like once a week and I get very minimal cramps anymore. I also use it as a part of my self care regiment my time to sit and meditate while getting the vagina right.

Kira Walker

I purchased the kit and decided to give the yoni oil a try and I absolutely love it! Refreshing and gentle enough to use everyday!


Wow! Having recurrent UTIs and bacterial vaginosis leaves you feeling hopeless but LADIES there is hope with this great Yoni kit. The amount of confidence you receive from using the Yoni wash to the organic scent of the oil is life-changing. Don't overthink this purchase, your V needs self-care too! Enjoy

Melissa S.

I have very sensitive skin and both these products combined work very well for me. I feel refreshed and moisturized with this combo ! Love the minty feeling !!

Alexis Waterman

I purchase the yoni wash and i can tell you I will definitely be buying every time I am in need. This wash makes you feel so fresh and clean after using it. I love the smell!!!


I absolutely love the body oil. I suffer from really dry itchy skin. This oil has help tremendously. I have a glow after I applying to me skin. Best body I've tried in a long time.


Love the texture & richness of the oil definitely nourishing on the skin! It's part of my everyday routine. The body scrub lives up to its name the sugar & oil combo leaves you feeling smooth & free from dead skin I use it at-least once a week. You can't have 1 without the other!

Calistia Howe
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