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Welcome to Great Wax Club, where smooth confidence meets expert care. Meet Monica Fletcher, the founder and this is our driving force behind our commitment to delivering unparalleled waxing experiences.

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Monifa Fletcher

Great Wax Club started as an idea in an empty spare room because of a GREAT wax experience. There was no storefront and no pretty branding, but after receiving my first wax and falling in love with the service, I was invited to take a class. I completed the course the following week, started waxing, and never looked back.

As a student at Molloy College working towards a bachelor’s in criminal justice at the time, I didn’t have any serious plans for waxing. It was just something I enjoyed doing that brought in extra money. Things changed quickly, though. After waxing many women, especially those of color, I noticed many of them struggled with ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, bumps, and other common skin issues. My initial wax experience set the stage for the kind of experiences I wanted to provide for other women. So, I decided to further my knowledge surrounding waxing and became a licensed esthetician. It was like jumping down the rabbit hole. I continued to learn and develop my techniques for waxing and vaginal care, like GWC Vagacials. Naturally, I became interested in women’s health, creating a desire to offer services that cared for the external health you see and the internal health you forget about, like with V-Steams.

We’ve all heard it: out of sight, out of mind, but at GWC we see it all and are determined to make sure you feel seen for exactly who you are; a GREAT VIP.

Mission Statement

Great Wax Club is an exclusive society where membership is by love and self-care only. Our female-founded club is licensed and dedicated to providing various self-care treatments for your most intimate areas. At GWC, we pride ourselves with years of experience to provide healthy and clean services using quality products and a Great attitude. Our number one club rule is no double-dipping. Our Club babes never use the same wax stick twice.It’s our goal to make sure you look and feel Great in the places that no one else may see. In our experience, a Great Wax Club membership is of particular importance to any VIP, and if you haven’t already heard, you’re VIP, so join the no double-dipping club.

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