Covid 19



At Great Wax Club, we take care of our clubbies (that's you!), which means providing the cleanest and healthiest environment.

At a time of rapidly changing safety protocols and hygiene regulations, Great Wax Club is dedicated to creating an experience that prioritizes your well-being.

With that in mind, we take the following steps: 

 Face Masks

    All Club Babes are equipped with a face mask or face shield.

    Sparkle Maintenance

      High-frequency touchpoints are frequently deep cleaned and sanitized.

      No Double Dipping! 

        Great Wax Club never dips a waxing stick more than once. Large sticks we use to stir wax are disposed of after every clubbie.

        Waxing Beds

          Club Babes disinfectant, sanitize waxing beds and pull new bed paper after every clubbie.


            Our Club Babes use new gloves for every service and clubbie.


              Great Wax Club is Barbicide Certified. All tools are disposed of or soaked in barbicide for at least fifteen minutes after each clubbie for ultimate sanitization.