Benefits of Our Products

1. Bestows Flawless Complexion:
A blend of natural ingredients in our products glows your skin by getting rid of unwanted hyperpigmentation.

2. Revitalizes Sensitive Skin:
Lavender in our products revitalizes sensitive skin by managing chronic conditions.

3. Eradicate Bad Odor:
Eucalyptus, tea tree oil in our products, naturally rids vaginal odor. So, it can be used as a weapon against bad odor.

4. Prevents Irritation:
Calendula in our products is beneficial in relieving rashes. So, it can be used in preventing irritation.

5. Naturally Refreshing:
A combo of Tea tree oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus in our products refreshes your skin by making you feel cool, and fresh all day!

6. Regulates pH Balance:
Tea tree oil in the products act as a natural fungicide and can cut off pH imbalance easily.

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Our Yoni Oil is a best anti-inflammatory because it has a combo of beneficial ingredients such as;

  • Chamomile for calming
  • Peppermint for cooling
  • Calendula for relieving rashes
  • Hibiscus for repairing damage tissue
  • Lavender for combating fungal growth
  • Orange Peel for managing chronic conditions
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Stimulating Cell Regeneration

Our Yoni Wash is a blend of natural ingredients such as aloe, essential oils, and water that gently cleanse and moisturize the damaged skin cells providing your skin with a refreshed and hydrated feeling to your intimate areas.

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Our Yoni Cleanse is a suppository with 100% Boric Acid that features in completely killing yeast infections and bacterial infections leaving you itch-free, burn-free, and feeling brand-new!

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