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Wax On, Wax Off: A Winter Waxing Schedule

Winter socks

Get ready to break out the wool socks and your biggest winter coat, because it’s definitely starting to feel like winter! With the cold weather in full swing, you might be tempted to take some time off from your regular wax schedule.

You might think that your hair maintenance should come to an end, especially if you’re not planning to wear shorts and bikinis anytime soon. However, even in the cooler months, you’ll want to keep up with your appointments! Here’s why!

Winter months present their own challenges when it comes to hair growth, since shaved hair has a much easier time growing back than hair that has been removed from its root using waxing as treatment. Without maintenance, it’s easy to end up with more hair than you’d like! But this girl has your back and here are some of our best tips for waxing in the winter.

The Importance of a Waxing Schedule

The cold temperatures don't mean you should break your waxing routine. In fact, during the winter you may even want to consider waxing more often than you usually do.

Without following a regular routine, it can be harder to stay on top of hair growth for the months to come. The dry winter air also dries out skin and can make hair appear thicker and coarser.

Keep up with a regular wax schedule that way, when summer rolls around, you'll be ready for swimsuit season! We wrote more about the benefits of waxing. (here)

Waxing Hurts More the Longer You Wait Between Sessions

It's no secret that a waxing session hurts much more the longer you wait in between sessions and can come as a serious shock to the system when you finally get back into routine!

The feeling of pain is actually more intense because your skin has become so sensitive from being exposed to the cold for such a long period of time.

Plus, when you don't wax regularly, there's less opportunity for your hair to come back finer and lighter, which can lead to ingrown hairs (ouch).

Smooth and Hydrated Skin

We all know it's winter and that means your skin will be drier than ever before, so it's important to take extra care of your skin and keep up with a waxing routine.

Waxing provides exfoliation of the skin can help keep your skin stay hydrated and prevent dryness, which will make your skin look less wrinkled and more youthful. Our wax at GREAT WAX CLUB contains properties intended to calm the skin after waxing but also protect  and hydrate your skin.

With all these benefits and more, it's clear that waxing is a worthwhile investment no matter what time of year it is. Book your appointment today!

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