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The Ultimate Guide For Waxing: Do's and Don'ts for Your Waxing Appointment

If you’re looking for a way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free, waxing is the perfect solution! Waxing is a great way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin that lasts for weeks. 

However, if you’ve never been waxed before, there are some important do’s and dont’s you should be aware of before your appointment. If you’re considering getting waxed, it’s important to know the best practices before your appointment. Waxing can be a great way to keep unwanted body hair at bay, but it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts of the process to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible

To ensure that your waxing experience is as smooth as possible, here are some things to remember before booking your waxing appointment. To help make sure you have a comfortable and successful waxing experience, follow these do’s and don’ts so you show up like a pro.


  1. Do arrive freshly bathed

Although we thoroughly cleanse the skin prior to waxing. When you go in for your waxing appointment, it's important to make sure you are freshly bathed and clean. This will help ensure that the wax adheres to your skin properly, so you get the best possible results. Make sure to give yourself a good scrub before heading intoypir appointment. By arriving freshly bathed, you are setting yourself up for the best possible experience.


  1. Do exfoliate beforehand

One of the most important steps you can take before getting a wax is to exfoliate your skin. Doing so helps to ensure that your wax will be as smooth and effective as possible. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and opens up pores, which makes it easier for the wax to adhere to the hairs. Additionally, exfoliating your skin prior to waxing can help reduce the chances of breakouts or ingrown hairs.

If you plan on exfoliating before your wax, make sure to do so at least 24 hours before the appointment. This gives your skin enough time to recover from the exfoliation process and will help your skin better tolerate the wax. However, avoid exfoliating too aggressively. Mild, gentle exfoliation is key to getting the best results. Make sure to use an exfoliator specifically designed for facial or body use and be sure to follow any instructions on the package.

  1. Do trim long hairs

It's important to trim any long hairs before your waxing appointment. This helps to ensure that the wax can adhere to the hair and that it will be removed from the root, instead of just breaking off at the surface of the skin. You don't want to use dull scissors, as this could cause more irritation or pull on the skin. Once you have trimmed the hair, check to make sure the length is even across the area. This helps with the overall results.

Now that we’ve covered off some preparation steps for ensuring you are ready for your wax appointment, let’s take a look at some of the things to avoid beforehand.


It is important to take certain steps to prepare for your waxing appointment to ensure a successful and pain-free experience. The following are some things that you should avoid doing before your wax:

  1. Don’t shave before your waxing appointment 

This is important to avoid as it can cause problems with the waxing process. Shaving may interfere with the way the wax sticks to the hair and can leave you with an uneven and patchy result. Also, causing ingrown hairs. 

  1. Don’t wear tight clothing 

Wearing tight clothes can cause a lot of friction when the wax is being applied, and may make you more uncomfortable during the process. Wear loose-fitting clothes that won’t get in the way of your waxing session.

  1. Don’t use lotions or oils on your skin 

Oils and lotions can interfere with the wax’s ability to adhere to your skin, making it difficult to remove the hairs completely. Make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly before your appointment.

  1. Don’t use abrasive exfoliants 

You may want to exfoliate before your wax, but avoid using any harsh exfoliants such as scrubs or loofahs. These can irritate your skin and make the waxing process more painful. Stick to gentle exfoliants like cloths and soft brushes.

By following these do’s and don’ts before your wax, you can ensure that your waxing appointment goes smoothly and without any complications. Keep these tips in mind so you can enjoy a successful wax every time!

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