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June Wrap Up: Service Your Summer Skin

It's summer time baby! No doubt, summer this year is coming with a lot of extra spice. For the first time in two years, we get to really really kick-back, relax and fully bask in the true spirit of summer. The excitement is truly palpable! I'm pretty sure that as of now, you have your summer plans stamped in stone. Concerts or traveling? Any which way, this summer is going to be one thing and that is, real FUN.

So while you’re making the BBQs and gracing the beach or pool with friends, just a little advice clubbie: don’t neglect skin care. Summer is always a good time to double-down and add new things to your routine. Reason being that, a lot can happen to your skin if it isn’t properly serviced this season. Without conscious care, you might come down with either a sunburn, bumps, and breakouts. Not something you would want. Especially considering that it can literally stop you from soaking in all of the summer fun you’re entitled to.

But not to worry sis, we’ve got you, as always! 

Here are 5 things you can do to service that summer skin and keep your hot girl summer vibe going:

Keep Sunscreens Handy:

More particularly ones with a sun protection factor of 30. They perform the job of protecting your skin pretty well. Since you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you should ideally re-apply your SPF sunscreen every 2-3 hours of your exposure time. That’s enough to keep your skin locked against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

One more thing (and no we didn't forget), UV PROTECTION GLASSES! They are just as important as wearing sunscreen. They protect the cornea and skin around your eyes from being inflamed due to UV rays. For optimal protection, UV lenses with a eye-sun protection factor of 50 are most desirable. This especially will help with anti-aging.

Drink Plenty Water:

The weather is mostly hot in summer. So there’s ample chance for a lot of sweat, dehydration and heat stroke in some cases. You can get around this by drinking plenty of water. It’s also important that you moisturize your skin from time to time. Think of it as a two-factor authentication system. Drinking water keeps your body cells hydrated on the inside, while applying a moisturizer allows your skin to stay hydrated on the outside. Win-win much?

Change Out Sweat Clothings As Quickly As Possible:

This is to prevent dirt from clogging your pores. Case in point, if your pores actually get clogged, you can get boils and inflamed ingrowns from the oil, bacteria and dirt trapped inside. You don’t want that. More reason you should prioritize wearing dry underwear always.  

However, if you cannot change your clothes or get a shower as quickly, a face or body wipe will help to freshen up. BUT, don’t forget to was up with antibacterial soap when you finally do get the chance. Sweat can undoubtedly cause ingrowns, boils, and bumps! So we want to make sure we are removing acne-causing bacteria.  

Eat Clean:

There’s a tendency to crave cold, light foods during summer. Which is absolutely ok if this means taking a cold smoothie, salad or veggie but not a load of ice cream on a regular. Summer or not, eating a lot of junk food can cause serious problems for your skin and body. 

Reports show that there's a direct link between junk food – ice cream particularly – and acne. Not looking good? That's right. Which is why you need to keep going for the healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables. 

Exfoliate Often:

Exfoliating with our dry brush or Vagiscrub is a good place to start. This will help you clean deep regions of your skin that otherwise cannot be cleaned without a scrub. Only make sure you’re using the right scrub for your skin type.

Here you go sis, 5 fail-proof ways to keep your skin skinning this summer! 

We hope you have the best time!

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